Improving Equipment Sustainability with Board Mounted Pressure Sensors

Sophisticated electronic equipment, such as medical ventilators, typically demands ultra-low pressure sensors.

Engineers increasingly choose board-mounted pressure sensors as an amazing option for space efficiency, pressure detection accuracy, and high reliability.

Here's a look at the benefits of board-mounted pressure sensors and how they contribute to sustainability.

Advantages of Board-Mounted Pressure Sensors

Compact sensors such as board-mounted pressure sensors can be mounted easily on a printed circuit board (PCB). Due to their small size, these sensors are very sensitive to air pressure changes, which contributes to delivering accurate low-pressure readings.

These sensors are also designed to be energy efficient. The types of medical applications that encompass board-mounted pressure sensors include:

  • Ventilators
  • Sleep apnea machines
  • Medical chemistry

The pressure sensors in ventilators help monitor a patient's breathing patterns. They measure air and oxygen pressure flowing in and out of the patient to maintain safe conditions. The sensors are capable of preventing pressure from exceeding safe levels and detecting when filters are clogged.

Pressure sensors are also used to monitor a patient's blood pressure, detect air pressure in a hospital room, and detect the presence of obstructions. They can further be used for chemical analysis in medicine.

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Design Choices for Pressure Sensors

The board-mounted sensors you choose will differ depending on the application and how the data is used. It depends on the type of metrics that should be emphasized to generate accurate and efficient results.

These metrics may include operating pressure range and room temperature. Some applications have unclear pressure ranges, creating burst pressure issues.

Burst pressure is the amount of pressure an item can take before it bursts, which can be affected by its material and environmental conditions.

An air pressure monitoring system can be simplified and enhanced with greater reliability when combined with high burst pressures, which is what pressure sensors provide.

You must consider Total Error Band (TEB) to improve the accuracy of pressure sensors. TEB encompasses thermal effects relating to the temperature range. Low TEB is ideal for achieving high accuracy from board-mounted pressure sensors.

This scenario helps manufacturers reduce costs and production time because it doesn't require calibration and testing of each sensor. Additionally, low power consumption of the sensors is crucial for extending battery life. An example of a highly accurate and efficient board-mounted pressure sensor option is Honeywell's TruStability HSC (High-accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series.



Board-mounted pressure sensors can save time, energy, and space for industrial applications and sophisticated medical equipment while accurately detecting air pressure.

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