Will AI and Robots Replace Human Lawyers, Police and Dentists?

As society enters the age of artificial intelligence (AI), deep questions arise as to how it will affect certain industries such as law and medicine. Robot technology has already been introduced to many workforces to speed up tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. Here are some of the key issues that will determine how AI will develop with lawyers, police and doctors.

Types of Jobs for Robot Jobs that robots can already perform include low skill positions such as cashiers and specific tasks in manufacturing and assembly. Robot capabilities are improving all the time with the development of machine learning technology and speech recognition. Currently the more complex work requires human assistance.

An example of a relatively advanced AI system is Ross, a cognitive computer manufactured by IBM and used by the bankruptcy division of the law firm BakerHosteier. Ross scans data to find relevant citations, which saves plenty of time. IBM's earlier cognitive computer development known as Watson has been used in the healthcare, finance, retail and hospitality industries. Watson was originally design to answer questions without a database or keywords.

The Future of Robot Technology The emergence of humanoids now exists beyond science fiction novels and movies. The REEM robot has been developed by PAL-Robotics for research purposes and is capable of assisting police officers. The robot is about 5'6" and weighs 220 pounds. It runs on an eight-hour battery. The police department in Dubai is looking at this type of robot for 24/7 assistance to police officers, who can call up information from a touchscreen on the robot's chest.

China is looking to resolve their shortage of dentists by developing robots that can perform dental surgeries without the help of humans. This precision type of operation involves implanting 3D printed artificial teeth in patients.

The radio industry has been steadily replacing live announcers with automated voice-tracking. Although there are widespread concerns that robots are replacing jobs in the fields of electronics and communication, AI technology is providing solutions for companies to cut costs. The future of AI may involve issues such as robot tax and jobs supervising robots.

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