Why Connector Selection is Crucial

When it comes to high-performance industrial applications, connector selection makes all the differences in the world. The industries that use industrial connectors--oil and gas, automotive, robotics, marine, medical and more--require absolute dependability. That's why it's critically important to choose wisely when it comes to selecting connectors. Here's a look at some of the most important considerations:

Environment If you work in an environment that is harsh, you're going to want to go with a connector that's considered "hi-rel," or highly reliable. These connectors are engineered to withstand significant amounts of shock, vibrations and temperature variations.

Size and signal density It's generally accepted that smaller is better when it comes to connectors. The larger the connector, the higher the likelihood for EMI (electromagnetic interference) and crosstalk, which interferes with the connector's ability to function properly. Smaller connectors also have lower signal densities than larger connectors.

Which size is right for you depends on how you intend to use the connector. If you have the space, you'll get a stronger signal with a larger connector. However, it might be possible to find a hybrid connector that has adequate strength.

Cost As connectors have evolved and become necessities in more industries, they have also become less expensive. Where once they were developed and designed by the military, today there are plenty of connectors manufactured by private companies. If you have been using military grade conductors in the past, you may want to explore those made in the private sector.

Performance It's natural to say that you want the highest-performing conductor on the market. But it might not be the best decision. What's more important is that the system you select matches the application.

Sure, you can get a consumer-electronics-grade connector and save money. But it probably won't be designed to withstand extreme shock, vibration and temperature swings. Size will also factor into the cost. The smaller the device, the more expensive it will be.

The crucial decision At the end of the day, you rely on your connectors. You need them to be reliable. Contact Allied Components International to find the right fit.

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