Types of Toroidal Inductors and Common Mode Chokes

Toroidal inductors consist of insulated coil and are commonly found in electrical circuits. The wire is often made from powdered iron or ferrite. This type of inductor is used at low frequencies when large inductances are needed. Toroid inductors provide higher inductance per turn than similar sized solenoid cores.

Here are various types of toroidal inductors and common mode chokes:

Industry Variations Numerous industries from industrial to telecom to healthcare use toroidal inductors, which explains why there are so many different types. These inductors are found in electronic brakes, refrigerators, musical instruments, and in many other modern devices. Here are other applications for toroidal inductors:

  • Industrial controls
  • Aerospace and nuclear equipment
  • Air conditioners
  • Amplifiers
  • Low noise filtering
  • Power supplies

Types of Toroidal Inductors Toroidal inductors are often identified by performance categories such as Nominal Inductance and DC Resistance. They generate Nominal Inductance that ranges from 25 to100 µH. Other categories that differentiate toroidal inductors are Current Rating, Case Size/Dimension, Packaging Type, and Tolerance. The most common sizes for DC Resistance range from 5 mO to 55 mO and 550 mO.

Here are examples of different types of toroidal inductors:

  • Standard Toroidal Inductor
  • High Temp Toroidal Inductor
  • Low Loss Toroidal Inductor
  • Vertical Toroidal Inductor
  • Current Sensing Inductor
  • SMD High Current Inductor
  • Coupled Inductor
  • SMD Power Inductor
  • Redial Line Filter

Common Mode Choke The main purpose of a common mode choke is to filter and reduce unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) without affecting the signal. It is very helpful in filtering power lines. Built on two coils wound on one core, common mode chokes are useful in protecting electronic equipment.

Here are various types of common mode chokes:

  • SMD Horizontal Common Mode Chokes
  • SMD Common Mode Chokes with Case
  • Vertical Common Mode Chokes with Base
  • Vertical Encased Core Common Mode Chokes
  • Vertical Encapsulated Core Common Mode Chokes

Conclusion Toroidal inductors and common mode chokes are useful for maintaining signal control. An inductor is called a choke when it blocks higher frequencies. Common mode chokes are useful for filtering and limiting noise from electrical fields and radio frequencies.

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