Toroid Inductors: What You Need to Know

The purpose of a toroid inductor is to achieve energy efficiency mainly when low frequencies require inductance. The insulated coil comprises wire wound on ring-shaped magnetic material providing more inductance per turn.

Here are points to remember when you may need to decide on a toroid inductor:

Toroid Inductor Types Several types of toroid inductors span multiple industries from music to medicine. Various types of toroid inductors are often categorized by the following attributes:

  • Case size and dimension
  • Current rating
  • Nominal inductance
  • DC resistance
  • Packaging type
  • Tolerance

The cores are made from various materials such as silicon steel, nickel iron, iron powder and ferrites. Manufacturers of toroid inductors include Cooper Bussmann, Belevan and Vishay. These smaller, more lightweight inductors are used in a wide range of equipment such as refrigerators, air conditioners and amplifiers. In fact, they can be found in a high percentage of electrical equipment from computers to TVs.

Higher Inductance The reason that toroidal inductors generate higher inductance is because the closed-loop core has a stronger magnetic field. The key is that most of the magnetic field occupies the core. The toroidal coils emit minimal electromagnetic interference (EMI). One of the reasons for widespread adoption of toroidal coils in recent years was for businesses to comply with stricter international standards.

How to Choose the Right Inductor The proper toroid inductor can be found using attributes such as tolerance, current rating and nominal inductance as guides. A toroid inductor can be used in place of any inductor if the round shape fits the design. Round cross sections provide more complete cancellation and overall better performance than rectangular cross sections.

Conclusion The main attraction to toroidal inductors among manufacturers of electrical components is its high efficiency. Due to the lack of an air gap, they are usually quieter than typical inductors. Ultimately, less energy is required to maintain a magnetic field in the core of a toroidal inductor.

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