The iPhone XS Battery: An Engineering Marvel

Apple's iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max from the previous year are both smartphones powered by dual-cell lithium-iron batteries. Here's a deeper look at how Apple's new battery represents a milestone for mobile devices.

L-Shaped Batteries

The engineering of the iPhone XS battery provides for one L-shaped unit instead of the more common design for mobile phones in which two separate rectangular batteries that are perpendicular to each other come together and form an L-shape. The new L-shaped model provides for thinner packaging yet allows for more space and energy storage. By following the principles of sustainability, the new design is an achievement in technological efficiency.

The origin of this battery model traces back to a 2012 patent filing, which explained a new way to encase lithium-ion batteries into flexible shapes. This concept, which appears in a mobile phone for the first time, was introduced in the 2015 MacBook, which fit the battery components into curved and stacked layers.

Avoiding Too Many Edges

The front-facing notch on the iPhone XS battery serves as a buffer around the inside corners to avoid the problems of inward corners. Not only are inward corners difficult to maintain a flat seal on, but the sealant can also be compromised by breaking or corroding as a result of the battery's heat. The iPhone XS battery's curve provides for more durability and enough space for a proper seal, despite reduced capacity.

The XS battery weighs 2,659 mAh, compared to last year's iPhone X battery that weighed 2,716 mAh. The newer smartphone includes more RAM and a bigger camera sensor.

Batteries of the Future

Apple's new design of filling out the entire chassis with the battery opens the door for bigger and more powerful batteries in smaller devices. While scientists are always looking for newer and more environmentally-friendly materials, they are also moving toward sustainability by maximizing space and energy efficiency.



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