Standard Vs. Custom Transformer: Which Is Better?

The debate on standard vs. custom transformers ultimately comes down to your operational needs as an OEM. Both have pros and cons that you need to evaluate so that you are confident in your decision. Cost and performance are the two main variables to consider for most companies, as the following details explain.

Cost Efficiency When a budget dictates your decision-making, a standard transformer will always be cheaper than a custom design. Customization requires paying extra for expertise and effort, along with higher quality materials. The problem with settling for a standard transformer is that it may not be the most efficient solution for your needs.

Superior Performance If performance is your main concern, you will likely get the best results from a custom designed transformer. The more precision that is put into the device in terms of dimensions and terminations will usually create the most efficient output performance. Experienced magnetic designers have access to a wider range of materials they have tested for various purposes. They can give you elaborate and innovative options on making informed decisions, which is why they can command high consultant fees.

One of the main reasons why you would consider approaching a custom designer is to reduce heat loss, which makes the transformer more efficient. Sometimes standard transformers experience unexpected overheating due to ripple currents and harmonic content, which can result from current generated at higher than normal frequencies. Overheating can be dangerous.

State of the art windings can also increase efficiency and pitch accuracy, but they must be done by hand to ensure precision and long lasting reliability. Another reason to hire a custom designer is to manufacture a more robust, competitive product that includes diverse functions and is rated to operate at higher frequencies without overheating.

Conclusion You must decide for yourself whether a standard or custom transformer is more suitable for your needs. Physical limitations play a vital role in function and performance for all transformers. A major consideration about costs is that standard transformers can lower upfront expenses, whereas custom transformers will likely provide more cost efficiency in the long-run.

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