How Magnetic Components Are Useful for Auto & Energy Industries

The rising popularity of electric cars isn't the only thing driving the growth of magnetic components in both the auto and energy industries. Automakers are making increasingly more hybrid cars that use a variety of magnetic components. Cars are now loaded with sensors and electronics for controlling seats, windows, entertainment, temperature and overall comfort.

Why Auto and Energy Industries Need Magnetic Components In the future there will likely be a proliferation of charging stations for electric cars. Magnetic components will accompany this expansion of charging stations. Even though it takes several hours to charge a car, in the future more innovative technology will likely speed up the charging cycle, making it an even more attractive alternative to gas-powered vehicles.

Magnetics can be divided into four groups: low frequency, high frequency, isolated and non-isolated. Low frequency devices consist of 115V AC equipment in the 50 to 500 Hz range. In includes HVAC equipment and electricity metering. High frequency magnetics range from 16kHz to MHz, used to charge mobile devices. Non-isolated magnetics are used to decrease electric noise. Isolated magnetics are used to prevent electric shock. Materials research helps the industry grow with new innovative solutions for components that include transformers.

Both the auto and energy industries are expected to grow enormously in the next decade and much of the growth will be an overlap of both industries. Electric cars use motors made of magnetic components that draw energy from batteries. New developments in battery quality and longevity are fueling growth in magnetic parts as well.

MSPs and Magnetic Components An MSP can help businesses maintain electronics with the support of magnetic components. This solution is also helpful to companies that run on solar and wind power, in which inverters use magnetic components to achieve energy efficiency.

Magnetic components are found in transformers and are usually made of wire wound onto a core with or without insulation. This science forms the basis of much of the higher end modern car features such as magnetic lifting filtering systems or magnetic materials and assemblies used for locking.

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