Interconnect Inductance in Analog and RF IC Designs: An Overview

Mobile networking is a fundamental need in the 21st century, to the point, it touches most industries. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, a new type of digital infrastructure and circuitry is emerging for business networks.

Here's a brief look at how new IC designs using interconnect inductance contribute to the smart revolution.

Interconnectivity Reshapes Business Networks

New products that rely on interconnectivity are constantly entering the market. Many products contain RF chips, which is how manufacturers track units in the supply chain. Some of the most talked-about IoT-based products are coming from the automotive and medical industries.

Autonomous cars interact with traffic data, while wireless medical devices monitor and communicate with patients. These products are contributing to a new digital infrastructure that's taking over.

The popularity of computer games allowing players to challenge others all over the world is another signal that the interconnected world is here to stay. Each new evolutionary stage from 3G to 4G to 5G has required expanded bandwidth. The new 5G technology exceeds a frequency range of 40GHz.

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Integrating with the Next Generation

The new IC designs that are emerging as new components must meet these specifications. The more businesses adopt 5G and IoT technology, the more manufacturers of electronic components will need a design for this revolution.

Mutual inductance extraction of circuit performance is a process of expanding and operating frequencies that strengthens reliability. This process is now a crucial part of delivering a more accurate analysis of circuit performance.

Another major advantage of using interconnect inductance in circuits is that it helps designers analyze signal oscillation and issues associated with transmission lines and bandwidth. It also allows for technicians to use automated tools such as Calibre xL.

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Controlling Inductance Parasitic

Current moving through a conductor creates a magnetic field, which results in inductance parasitic. As part of the resistance in metal that causes circuit delays, inductance parasitic can also be caused by high frequencies. The goal of parasitic extraction is to provide more accurate measurement than silicon methods.

Due to the long-range effect of inductance, a magnetic field can maintain conductivity on nearby conductors. Inductance extraction is now an important part of the design and the verification flow, which is raising the performance level and reliability of integrated circuits.

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