Diodes Inc. Launches A Versatile Boost Controller for Display Applications

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a new LED/LCD boost controller that encompasses pulse width modulation (PWM) to analog dimming conversion, which enhances device displays. This controller, identified as AL3353, is available in the SO-8 (Type TH2) package and can be used for an LCD TVs, LCD monitors or flat panel displays. Here are key ways in which electronics diodes make electronic components more efficient.

Purpose of New Controller

The new controller is intended for applications that need constant voltage or current to drive displays and backlights. The controller works well for modern TVs as well as commercial lighting applications. It can handle input voltages ranging from 9V to 40V, which makes it easily adaptable for common supply voltages without changing configurations or losing efficiency.

A digital PWM input controls the dimming level as it is converted to an analog voltage. The new controller supports frequencies from 5 kHz to 50 kHz. Current mode control and fixed frequency operation from the PWM boost driver is used to regulate LED current, which moves through an external current sense resistor. The AL3353 can additionally be used for output voltage control. Due to its small size, the controller uses less board space, increasing efficiency. It can be optimized for high-performance LED backlighting at a low-BOM cost.

The AL3353 is highly integrated and designed to be a cost-effective solution. Its increased utility for LED and LCD users has inspired new competitors to enter the field. Some manufacturers are even providing four outputs as compared to the one output used in the AL3353.

Safety Features

The new controller from Diodes Inc. includes safety features to protect itself and the LEDs that it controls. Some of these features protect against both undervoltage and overvoltage. Other features include short protection for diode and inductors and LED cathode short to GND protection. It also includes overtemperature protection (OTP).



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