Diodes Inc. Introduces a New IC for LEDs in Automotive Applications

The automotive industry has a new, more efficient LED driver-controller to enhance light dimming while driving a higher current. Issued by Diodes Inc., the new IC works well with interior lights, license plate, and tail lights. It's also useful for illuminating instrumentation and position lights. The following paragraphs provide more details about the features and automotive applications for the new Diodes driver-controller.

Low Dropout Voltage and Temperature Resistance

Diodes' new automotive-compliant AL5814Q driver-controller that comes in an MSOP-8EP package delivers low dropout voltage with input power ranging from 4.5 to 60 volts. The linear controller is adjustable and can function normally even when the voltage input is similar in value to the output level. The output current can be adjusted through voltage at the VSET pin, using a resistor divider. Output to an external transistor is reduced when the voltage surpasses the VSET level set by the voltage divider.

The voltage at the VSET will decrease due to a negative temperature resistor (NTC) triggered by rising temperature. This safety feature prevents the equipment from overheating. The unit also encompasses overtemperature protection (OTP), which requires turning off the IC when the junction temperature exceeds 160 degrees C. The system must then be turned back on when the junction temperature falls 30 degrees C.

The operating temperature range of the AL5814Q is -40 degrees C to 150 degrees C, which is also the maximum temperature for storage. The storage temperature can be as low as -55 degrees C.

Spread of LEDs in Cars

LEDs are rapidly replacing incandescent bulbs in cars and trucks. Automakers realize the demand for superior lighting and controls, so they now offer a variety of LED driver-controllers. One of these LED controllers is the 16-channel PCA9685 made by NXP for backlighting with adjustable brightness. Another example is ON Semiconductor's NCV7691, which regulates the current used for LED lighting.

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