Custom Toroidal Transformers: Should Cost Be a Hindrance?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide a variety of custom equipment to other manufacturers to help improve efficiency. Custom toroidal transformers are examples of devices that are in demand due to smaller size and energy conservation.

Here are reasons to consider investing in these higher cost, but more efficient transformers:

Efficiency Factors A key reason why businesses favor custom toroidal transformers over traditional laminated transformers is that they achieve 90% efficiency, as opposed to 80% efficiency. This is partly due to the fact that toroidal devices are made with higher quality steel material coated with more protection. Another factor is that the coil is wound more tightly without gaps on custom toroidal transformers. As a result, energy is preserved and no mechanical hum is generated from the process.

Similar to traditional transformers, the core of toroidal transformers are designed with multiple layers of metal wire wound in a circular manner, stacked to form the shape of a hollow cylinder. The wire is carefully wound through a hole in the center as well. While the wire in other transformers can be wound with automated machinery, toroid wiring is done by hand one rung at a time to ensure precision.

Due to low magnetic energy emission, toroidal transformers are preferred for CRT screens, medical equipment and amplifiers. A toroidal transformer only occupies half the space to produce the same results as a traditional transformer. Another advantage is that toroidal devices are easier to mount with a single bolt and epoxy, as opposed to four bolts for a traditional unit.

Cost Issues Even though startup costs can be high for toroidal transformers, since they require specialized technology to create custom parts, the smaller size and weight reduces shipping fees. There is also less installation labor involved. Custom toroids must be made with a precision shuttle and other components in order to provide maximum efficiency. In the long run, the efficiency gained from custom toroids will offset initial costs.

Allied Components International provides complete solutions for custom toroidal inductors and transformers.

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