A Brief Roundup of the IC Design Resources

Electronic design automation (EDA) software is now an industry standard for designing modern integrated circuits (ICs). EDA tools can be used for various types of design. Read on to learn how IC design resources work with electronic components and other technology.

Tools, Programs and Tests for Designers

A fundamental reason for using an EDA program is having the ability to organize the steps from register transfer level (RTL) to graphic database system (GDS). The key to producing high-quality designs is to follow manufacturing steps carefully. Of particular importance is the Place and Route phase where optimal solutions like placing sub-blocks of the IC are decided.

An important EDA program for silicon chip design and application security testing is Digital Toolset based on Fusion technology made by Synopsys. Fusion technology uses machine learning, leading to faster decision-making in the workplace. This cloud software can be used on Azure, AWS and the Synopsis Cloud Solution.

For complex layouts, designers should consider the IC Compiler II made by Synopsys as an RTL-to-GDSII tool. The IC Compiler II can be used for prototypes as well as final productions. Redundant tasks can be sped up with automation solutions such as Analog Integrated Circuit Design Automation. A set of IC Linux-based design tools is useful for targeting RFICs and RFs include Virtuoso and Spectre.

Following Schematic Design

IC design software emphasizes tightly linking all components together. The Tanner EDA program, which runs on Linux or Windows, automates designs and layouts. This solution is used for the phases of schematic capture, analog simulation, layout and physical verification. Tools made by Tanner allow designers to see devices and waveforms to analyze voltages and currents.

Tools for analog simulation include the Tanner T-Spice Simulation and the Tanner Waveform viewer. The Tanner L-Edit IC Layout is useful for checking automated design violations. The Tanner Calibre One completes the process with physical verification and confirms that the layout matches the schematic.



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