5 Common Applications of Flyback Transformers

A flyback transformers, also known as a line output transformer, stores energy from input voltage in switched-mode power supplies. It is useful for multiple electrical applications. At one time, these transformers were used to meet high voltage needs at high frequencies. They are now used for both DC to DC and AC to DC conversions.

When a DC power supply switch is turned off, the current terminates in the primary winding as energy stored in the core is released to the secondary winding, causing a quick voltage increase. The voltage in the secondary winding then flows as it drops off and the cycle is repeated.

Here are five common applications of flyback transformers:

  1. Television The earliest flyback transformers were used in century's television sets, in which they controlled the horizontal electron beam of a cathode ray tube (CRT). Modern televisions use advanced components that produce a steady supply voltage, due to flyback transformers.

  2. Aeronautics Many aeronautical devices must be used at a specific frequency without malfunctioning. Flyback transformers help deliver a high voltage electric supply, which protects the equipment.

  3. Telecommunications Telecommunication systems rely on flyback transformers for power and electrical supply conversion. DC to DC power conversion is common in the telecom industry, particularly for switching power supplies.

  4. Converters and Inverters While electrical converters and inverters operate at inconsistent frequencies, flyback transformers help them shift from low to high voltage current. They also provide a constant power supply for computers, refrigerators and air conditioners.

  5. Industrial Equipment A wide variety of industrial equipment is supported by flyback transformers, which boost efficiency and performance. They can be found in motors, generators and electrical pumps.

Flyback transformers are used in switched-mode power supplies for many industries. The device was originally invented for CRTs and has since become useful in much more advanced technology such as military aircraft. Its main purpose is to store energy and produce high or low voltages efficiently.

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