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Allied Components is introducing new Line Filters and Current Sensing Transformers. Currently, there are many designs in R&D that are released based on customer demand. Measures electrical current (AC & DC) and can transform current from high to low measurable values. They can be used for high frequency current sensing, for example in switched-mode power supplies, motor control and electronic lighting ballasts.  
 Line Filters/Current Sensing Transformers
 Flat Wire Line Filter/ Common Mode Choke
Description Allied Series  
Horizontal Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 - 30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A  HFWLF15/HFWLF19/HFWLF24Spec Sheet
Horizontal Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 - 30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A HFWLFC15/HFWLFC19/HFWLFC24Spec Sheet
Vertical Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 - 30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A VFWLF15/VFWLF19/VFWLF24Spec Sheet
Vertical Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 -30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A VFWLFC15/VFWLFC19/VFWLFC24Spec Sheet
 Line Filter
Description Allied Series  
5.3mH Min, 1.0 Arms Max.  AUU157Spec Sheet
82.mH Min, 0.70 Arms Max. AET20Spec Sheet
 SMD Line Filter
Description Allied Series  
1.0mH, 0.7A, 264VAC, Hi Pot - AC1.5KV/5mA/3S VSLFUUSpec Sheet
 Current Sensing Transformer
Description Allied Series  
10A Input / 5mA Output  ACT07-4320Spec Sheet
10A Input / 5mA Output  ACT07-4319Spec Sheet
30A - 120A Input / 12mA - 60mA Output ACT13Spec Sheet
5A - 100A Input / 2mA - 50mA Output ACT09Spec Sheet
5A - 20A Input / 5mA - 20mA Output ACT05Spec Sheet
5A - 60A Input / 2mA - 30mA Output ACT07Spec Sheet
 Current Sensing Transformers With Intergrated Primary
Description Allied Series  
38A - Ipeak Turns Ratio Np:Ns = 1:200, ACST-4360Spec Sheet