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Allied Components is introducing new Line Filters and Current Sensing Transformers. Currently, there are many designs in R&D that are released based on customer demand. Measures electrical current (AC & DC) and can transform current from high to low measurable values. They can be used for high frequency current sensing, for example in switched-mode power supplies, motor control and electronic lighting ballasts.  
 Line Filters/Current Sensing Transformers
 Flat Wire Line Filter/ Common Mode Choke
Description Allied Series  
Horizontal Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 - 30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A  HFWLF15/HFWLF19/HFWLF24Spec Sheet
Horizontal Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 - 30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A HFWLFC15/HFWLFC19/HFWLFC24Spec Sheet
Vertical Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 - 30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A VFWLF15/VFWLF19/VFWLF24Spec Sheet
Vertical Mount, AC/DC 250V, 5.5 -30.0mH, 1.0 - 5.0A VFWLFC15/VFWLFC19/VFWLFC24Spec Sheet
 Line Filter
Description Allied Series  
1.8mH Min  AUU98-4445Spec Sheet
39mH+50%/-30%, 1.2A Irms  AUT23-4446Spec Sheet
5.3mH Min, 1.0 Arms Max.  AUU157Spec Sheet
82.mH Min, 0.70 Arms Max. AET20Spec Sheet
 SMD Line Filter
Description Allied Series  
1.0mH, 0.7A, 264VAC, Hi Pot - AC1.5KV/5mA/3S VSLFUUSpec Sheet
 Current Sensing Transformer
Description Allied Series  
10A Input / 4mA Output ACT07Spec Sheet
10A Input / 5mA Output  ACT07-4320Spec Sheet
10A Input / 5mA Output  ACT07-4319Spec Sheet
30A - 120A Input / 12mA - 60mA Output ACT13Spec Sheet
5A - 100A Input / 2mA - 50mA Output ACT09Spec Sheet
5A - 20A Input / 5mA - 20mA Output ACT05Spec Sheet
5A - 60A Input / 2mA - 30mA Output ACT07Spec Sheet
 Current Sensing Transformers With Intergrated Primary
Description Allied Series  
38A - Ipeak Turns Ratio Np:Ns = 1:200, ACST-4360Spec Sheet