• 10/100 Base-T for Ethernet Applications
  • DCR: Pins(J6, J2) = (J2,J1)= 1.2 OHMs Max
  • Rise Time: RS=100 OHMs and RL=100 OHMs
  • Output Voltage=1 V, Peak=3.0 nS Max, Pulse Width=112 nS=3.0 nS Max
  • RJ45 jack cavity conforms to FCC rules and regulations Part 68, SUB Part F
  • Standard Operating Temp: -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Available in other Circuit Designs
  • Optional Gold Plating Thickness
Electrical Specifications @ 25°C
OCL(uH Min)
@ 100kHz, 0.1V
Turns Ratio
chip: cable
(1000KHzm, 0.1V)
Insertion Loss
(dB Max)
Return Loss
(dB Min)
Cross Talk
(dB Min)
With 8mA DC Bias 1-100MHz 1-100MHz 60-80MHz 1-100MHz
ARV11-3815I 350 1CT:1CT±3% -1.0 -18 -12 -30

Electrical Specifications @ 25°C
Common to Common Mode
Attenuation (dB Min)
Interwinding Capacitance
@ 1MHz Max
HI-POT (Vac)
60 sec. 1500
30-100MHz (P6, P5, P4) TO (J6, J3)=30 pf Pins:(J1,J2) to (P1,P3)
ARV11-3815I -35 (P3, P2, P1) TO (J2, J1)=30 pf Pins:(J3,J6) to (P4,P6)

All specifications subject to change without notice.