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Custom Toroids

About Our Toroids:

Allied Components International has the capability and expertise to provide complete solutions for toroidal inductors and transformers. Allied has the resources to guide our customers from initial design to mass production.

Toroidal designs offer excellent electromagnetic shielding performance for commercial and industrial applications, they are cost effective, and can be built in a wide variety of sizes and values. Toroidal components currently in mass production include: power transformers, pulse transformers, current transformers, isolation transformers, switching power supply transformers, common mode chokes and inductors.

If you need power inductors, high current inductors, or ferrite chokes in a surface mount chip style, please see our main products page.

Images Product Type Features
Vertical Mount
· Low EMI

· Small footprint
Horizontal Mount
· Low profile

· High efficiency
Surface Mount
· Auto insertable

· Available in tape & reel
Horizontal Base
· UL Standard components

· Cut & forming to specification
Common Mode Chokes
· Self shielding geometry

· High operating temperatures
Low Cost Base
· Low Cost

· High energy storage
Insulated Base
· Fixed pins

· Frequency characteristics