Uses of Custom Magnetics

What Are Custom Magnetics and When Are They Used?

Confusion over what custom magnetics are and what they do is not rare in the engineering and manufacturing community. Designers should not assume that every vendor selling these diverse devices knows what they are talking about, which is why designers should approach the topic carefully.

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Transformer Voltage Meter

What Are the Benefits of High and Low Voltage Transformer?

Low voltage transformers are useful in society since they reduce the chances of humans suffering an electric shock. They help keep electrical environments safe in both residential and commercial structures. High voltage transformers are useful for supplying powerful equipment energy. Together, high and low voltage transformers give us uninterrupted power to our homes and workplaces.

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Electronics Transformer Design

Safety Standards Considered in a Transformer Design

Integrating transformer components is an enormous task. So it’s essential to follow the guidelines of the transformer manufacturer so that you don’t overlook any safety standards, as published by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Improper design can lead to performance problems and wasted time that could set you back to square one and delay mass production.

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What Are the Safety Requirements of a Transformer?

Transformers help determine proper voltage between two system components. Transformer safety needs are associated with a series of factors that involve distance and insulation. The design is important, so that the transformer provides, operates and handles appropriate voltage safely.

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Uses of Ferrite Beads

How to Select and Use Ferrite Beads in Switching Converters

Ferrite beads are electronic components that filter out noise from digital equipment and protect analog components. Selecting appropriate beads requires analyzing dominant noise frequencies and using the best configurations to resist noise. Circuit characteristics, DC resistance and rated current are fundamental to this process.

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Ethernet Technology

How Ethernet Connectors Are Evolving to Meet New Demands

Ethernet connectors use Ethernet technology to connect to local area networks (LAN). It is a part of computer networking technologies commonly used in local area networks. Most computers and laptops have Ethernet connections built into the motherboard. Ethernet connector looks more like a telephone jack, but it is suitable for connecting to local area network connections only.

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Automatic Test Equipment

How ATE Identifies Faulty Electronic Components

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) is used for evaluating the performance of a variety of electronic devices and software. This computer-operated machine can run a device under test (DUT) on radar units, computers, wireless routers, semiconductors, avionics and many other devices.

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