Ferrite Core Transformers

Ferrite Core Transformers: Types and Benefits

What are Ferrite Core Transformers? Transformers made out of ferrite core, having their windings made from ferrites, the non-conductive, ceramic, ferromagnetic compounds, are known as ferrite core transformers. The composition of ferrite cores in transformers is chiefly iron oxides, combined with nickel, zinc and manganese compounds. These compounds are characterized by low coercivity and therefore,

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Electronic Voltage Multiplier

All You Need to Know About Voltage Multipliers

A voltage multiplier is a device that converts low AC voltage to higher DC voltage. It’s based on increasing the number of capacitors and diodes in a circuit. The device is often used for safety tests. Voltage multipliers can increase voltage up to seven times.

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Electronic Silicon Diode

What Are the Characteristics of an Ideal Silicon Diode?

A diode is an electrical switch commonly made of semiconductor material, such as silicon. It consists of two terminals: positive (anode) and negative (cathode). It is often used as a rectifier, which is a device that converts AC to DC with current flowing in one direction. Rectifiers can be found in electronic components such as radios, DC power supplies and high-voltage transmitters. Diodes take on many forms, such as vacuum tube diodes, semiconductor diodes and mercury-arc valves. A diode operates in conjunction with a resistor within a circuit.

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Flyback Transformers

5 Common Applications of Flyback Transformers

A flyback transformers, also known as a line output transformer, stores energy from input voltage in switched-mode power supplies. It is useful for multiple electrical applications. At one time, these transformers were used to meet high voltage needs at high frequencies. They are now used for both DC to DC and AC to DC conversions.

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SMD Power Inductors

Power Inductors: Everything You Need to Know

The purpose of power inductors is to reduce core losses in an application that requires voltage conversion. This electronic component can also be used in a magnetic field created by a tightly wound coil to receive or store energy, reduce signal loss in a system design and filter EMI noise. The unit of measurement for inductance is the henry (H).

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