Semiconductor Industry

Moore’s Law Impact on the Semiconductor Industry: A Look at AMD & Intel

Moore’s Law is the key to computer chips getting smaller over time. Semiconductor companies such as AMD and Intel have traditionally relied on this principle for improving performance in nanotechnology. At the same time, engineers are challenged to discover new innovations over specific time frames to meet expectations of the investment community. Ironically, AMD has taken an alternative route beyond Moore’s Law to deliver profits to shareholders.

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Mesh Networking Will Change Our Perception of the Internet

How Mesh Networking Will Change Our Perception of the Internet

Even though it seems the internet is ubiquitous, there are still many places where wireless connectivity is nonexistent, especially in rural areas. Only 40% of the world’s population currently has an internet connection, as the poorest communities still lack connectivity. Here are ways that mesh networking is helping resolve this issue.

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VR Chip revolution

GPU Chips: Revolutionizing the World of VR

David Kosslyn and Ian Thompson are learning from a virtual world they created a few years ago. They started a virtual reality company called Angle Technologies that has attracted $8 million in funding. Although they’ve kept quiet about the company’s development, they say they’ve created a way that alters the relationship between computer hardware and software. Here are ways in which GPU chips will play a major role in microchips and the VR chip revolution.

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Circuit Simulator

Circuit Simulator: How It Helps You Understand Any Circuit

Circuits can be simple or complex, depending on the application. One way to gain an understanding of any electrical circuit is to use a circuit simulator, which is a software tool for analyzing electrical components and connections within a circuit. Here are ways this tool will make your life easier as an engineer or technician.

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Power Converter for IoT

Energy Efficient Power Converter for IoT Devised By Researchers

Businesses that want to be leaders in the “internet of things” (IoT) should invest in a power converter, technology for online data generation and IT professionals who understand wireless networks. As IoT become more widespread, the delivery of big data will rely on sensors that operate at low energy levels. Here’s a more in-depth look at how power converters play an essential role in IoT technology.

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Chip Design

Facebook Is Building a Team for Indigenous Chip Design

Several Silicon Valley tech giants, particularly Apple, Google and Facebook, are working on their own computer chips in an attempt to gain more control and tighten security. The era of tech companies relying on traditional semiconductor leaders like Intel and Qualcomm may be shifting toward proprietary chips, following the recent discovery by Google of major security flaws in traditional chips.

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Facial Recognition Technology

The Overarching Impact Of Facial Recognition Technology

Once, facial recognition technology was considered to be a distant future concept. Now it’s a reality that involves playing a role in security and authentication. The technology has become controversial since it can be considered an invasion of privacy. Here’s a deeper look at the benefits of facial recognition technology.

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Common Mode Choke

Common Mode Choke And Its Applications: An Introduction

When an unwanted noise is detected in an electronic circuit, it can be stopedwith a choke. The choke acts as an inductor, allowing it to raise impedance to resist certain frequencies. Common mode chokes, electronic components and circuits all encompass the relationship between current and resistance as a core dynamic. Here are some properties that define a common mode choke.

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