IC Design

A Brief Roundup of the IC Design Resources

Electronic design automation (EDA) software is now an industry standard for designing modern integrated circuits (ICs). EDA tools can be used for various types of design. Read on to learn how IC design resources work with electronic components and other technology.

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Microchip Introduces Smart-Embedded Vision Initiative

Technology for low-power mobile communication systems with high-bandwidth capabilities continue to evolve with Microsemi PolarFire FPGAs. Microchip’s Smart Embedded Vision Initiative lays out an enhanced ecosystem for applications that utilize vision processing for automotive, aerospace, broadcasting, industrial, cellular infrastructure and medical companies.

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Diodes Inc. Introduces a New IC for LEDs in Automotive Applications

The automotive industry has a new, more efficient LED driver-controller to enhance light dimming while driving a higher current. Issued by Diodes Inc., the new IC works well with interior lights, license plate, and tail lights. It’s also useful for illuminating instrumentation and position lights. The following paragraphs provide more details about the features and automotive applications for the new Diodes driver-controller.

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Display Applications

Diodes Inc. Launches A Versatile Boost Controller for Display Applications

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a new LED/LCD boost controller that encompasses pulse width modulation (PWM) to analog dimming conversion, which enhances device displays. This controller, identified as AL3353, is available in the SO-8 (Type TH2) package and can be used for an LCD TVs, LCD monitors or flat panel displays. Here are key ways in which electronics diodes make electronic components more efficient.

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Shrinking Resistors: Advantages and Disadvantages

Ever since the sixties, electronic components have steadily gotten smaller. The advantage of shrinking circuit boards has enabled us to do more with less space. It has also lowered manufacturing and shipping costs. Here are the pros and the cons of smaller components such as resistors.

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The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Microcontroller

Microcontroller units (MCUs) have modernized the world in many crucial ways. These small affordable electronic devices have played a central role in improving a wide range of equipment used by many industries, such as the medical field and aerospace. Here’s a brief look at how the microcontroller and its electronic applications have collectively contributed to innovative technology.

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Ferrite Beads

Ferrite Beads: Their Functionality and Choosing the Right One

EMI may not be visible, but it can be heard while a signal passes through a circuit. Reducing noise is important in certain workplaces to limit distractions. Here are key reasons why ferrite beads are important electronic components, how they help reduce noise and the factors that affect specific choices for ferrite beads.

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