Month: July 2020

Interconnect Inductance in Analog and RF IC Designs

Interconnect Inductance in Analog and RF IC Designs: An Overview

Mobile networking is a fundamental need in the 21st century, to the point, it touches most industries. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, a new type of digital infrastructure and circuitry is emerging for business networks. Here’s a brief look at how new IC designs using interconnect inductance

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DC Power Connectors

What to Consider When Selecting DC Power Connectors

Sometimes small electronic components can make a big difference, such as with audio, USB, and DC connectors. Two jacks or plugs can look the same, but require specific sizes and ratings to match. Here are key points to remember when replacing these components. Common Connectors DC power connectors work most reliably when properly matched, although

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