Month: October 2016

Electronics Transformer Design

Safety Standards Considered in a Transformer Design

Integrating transformer components is an enormous task. So it’s essential to follow the guidelines of the transformer manufacturer so that you don’t overlook any safety standards, as published by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Improper design can lead to performance problems and wasted time that could set you back to square one and delay mass production.

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Electronic Power Transformers

5 Factors That Influence the Cost of Power Transformers

The cost of power transformers can be broken down into its most important components. Copper wire is frequently used in transformers and plays a significant role in the price.

Here are deeper details on factors that affect the cost of power transformers.

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Allied Components International specializes in the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of industry-standard custom magnetic components and modules, such as chip inductors, custom magnetic inductors, and custom transformers. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products, ensuring timely deliveries, and offering competitive prices.

We are a growing entity in the magnetics industry with 20+ years of experience.

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