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This month, Intel, Fedora, and IBM continue to innovate and have developed new technologies that continue to change this tech-driven world. Technology continues to grow and advance, faster than many of us can keep up. Scroll down to stay current with this month's latest updates, news, and more

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Allied Components International introduces 5 new sizes of the PCXA Series, Shielded High Current Power Chokes. Featuring high operating temperature range, high efficiency, high current with soft saturation, low DCR, very low acoustic noise and very low leakage flux noise.Suitable for pick and place and ideal for VRM/VRD applications.

PCXA402 Series PCXA502 Series PCXA503 Series PCXA603 Series PCXA605 Series

Intel Makes Big Data Center News with Xeon Scalable

Intel developed the Xeon Scalable, which could be one of the biggest developments regarding data centers in the last decade. This chip has capabilities of even 5G communications and artificial intelligence.

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Fedora 26 Powers Up Cloud, Server, Workstation Systems

The community version of Red Har Enterprise Linux, Fedora Linux just recently announced the availability of Fedora 26. The Fedora 26 consists of three different editions including: Fedora Atomic Host, Fedora Server, and Fedora Workstation.

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IBM Z Mainframe Brings Encryption Super Powers

IBM's new Z mainframe features encryption capabilities so strong that can secure information in any cloud application at all times. This mainframe can be beneficial for banks, government agencies, and healthcare providers because it can handle more than 12 billion encrypted transcriptions daily.

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RJ45 Connector: What It Is and How It Differs from RJ11

Anyone who's plugged in an ethernet or router cable has seen a RJ connector (stands for registered jack). Although similar in function and appearance, the RJ45 and RJ11 have their distinct differences.

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