Technology in Healthcare

How Technology Beholds an Amazing Opportunity in Healthcare

Healthcare has improved through evolving technology which provides patients with solutions that didn’t exist a few decades ago. Many new developments in medical technology have been inspired by popular gadgets and apps. Here are important opportunities in which technology can play a big role for the healthcare industry to satisfy patients.

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Buy Capacitors

How to Buy Capacitors: Important Things You Should Consider

A capacitor is an electrical component that stores an electric charge. It can also block direct current while allowing alternative current to flow. Ultimately, different types of capacitors have different functions, but can be summarized as components that enhance electrical performance. Learning how to buy capacitors can be complicated because the wrong choice can cause the circuit to not function properly.

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Thin Film Inductors

Thin Film Inductors: Design, Features, and Applications

Inductors are useful in electronic devices for filtering, timing, powering equipment and storing energy. They can store energy such as magnetic fields when currents flow through the device. Additionally, they can control currents through electromagnetic forces (EMF). A coil wound around a core is the basic foundation of inductors, in which there are various types of applications.

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Single Phase Transformers:

Single Phase Transformers: Operating Principles & Applications

Transformers are widely used in electronic components because they can convert voltages from one power level to another without affecting frequency. For this reason they are commonly used in household appliances. Even though there are a variety of different types of transformers, they are all based on the concept of an enclosure designed to shield electromagnetic fields, known as Faraday’s Cage. Here are details on a single-phase transformer and how it protects electrical equipment.

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Pulse Transformer

4 Advantages of Using a High-Voltage Pulse Transformer

One of the most widely used custom transformers across a variety of industrial fields is a pulse transformer, which are designed to carry high loads to distribute power. They are capable of transferring more power than a regular transmitter of the same size and can operate on high frequencies. Here are four key reasons why industrial businesses should consider using pulse transformers.

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LAN Magnetics

LAN Magnetics: What You Need to Know

Magnetic transformers are essential components in local area network (LAN) systems and meet IEEE and ANSI standards. While there are various types of local area networks, such as those based on token ring and FDDI technology, Ethernet is the most widely used type of LAN technology. Here are essential details for LAN magnetics.

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Types of Toroidal Inductors and Common Mode Chokes

Toroidal inductors consist of insulated coil and are commonly found in electrical circuits. The wire is often made from powdered iron or ferrite. This type of inductor is used at low frequencies when large inductances are needed. Toroid inductors provide higher inductance per turn than similar sized solenoid cores.

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Air Core Transformer

Air Core Transformers: Know the Types and Benefits

Many small electronic devices such as radios use air core transformers that are based on antenna coils. These coils are commonly found in radio transmission systems. The reason they are widespread among communication devices is they lack a core, making them ideal for portable devices.

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